Android Developer Fundamentals (Java)

Interested in learning Android or preparing for Associate Android Developer certification? This free online course from Google Developers Training team is the best place to start.

Android Developer Fundamentals course description

In the Android Developer Fundamentals course, you learn basic Android programming concepts and build a variety of apps, using the Java programming language. You start with Hello World and work your way up to apps that schedule jobs, update settings, and use Android Architecture Components.

The Android Developer Fundamentals course was created by the Google Developers Training team. To take the course, you must have experience with the Java programming language.

The course materials include:

  • Codelabs with suggested homework assignments: Codelabs for Android Developer Fundamentals
  • Concept reference chapters: Android Developer Fundamentals — Concepts
  • Slide decks
  • Source code in GitHub for starter apps and solution code for apps that you create in the codelabs

Each lesson contains a slide deck, a concepts chapter, and in most cases, one or more codelabs. As you work through the codelabs, you create apps as a way to practice and perfect the skills you’re learning. Some lessons are purely conceptual and don’t have codelabs.

The materials are freely available online for use by instructors, or for self-study by anyone who knows the Java programming language.

Android Developer Fundamentals prepares you to take the exam for the Associate Android Developer certification.

Course content

  • Get started
  • User experience
  • Working in the background
  • Saving user data


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