HCIA-5G Certification Course

Do you want to learn 5G technology? Are you planning to take your HCIA-5G exam? This free online course from Huawei is the best place to start.

HCIA-5G course description

This course introduces the evolution and typical industry applications of 5G, basic concepts of 5G, key technologies used in 5G, and successful cases of combining 5G with typical vertical industries, providing reference and guidance for related personnel to learn 5G knowledge.

Course Objectives

By learning this course, trainees can understand the 5G development and evolution, 5G protocol standardization progress, key technologies used in 5G, new 5G network architecture, and typical industry applications and solutions, providing support for subsequent work.

Target Trainees: HCIA-5G certification examinees, technical engineers and business innovators in vertical industries.

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Course content

  • Introduction of HCIA-5G
  • 5G motivation and industry progress
  • 5G network architecture and key technologies
  • 5G use case
  • Typical industry application solutions of 5G
  • Final exam

Course details

  • Institution: Huawei
  • Level: Beginner, intermediate
  • Language: English, Chinese
  • Duration: 08 hours, self-paced
  • Type: MOOC

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