IBM Certified Data Architect – Big Data

Become a certified Data Architect with IBM Certified Data Architect – Big Data certification and advance your career.

About IBM Certified Data Architect – Big Data

The Big Data Architect works closely with the customer and the solutions architect to translate the customer’s business requirements into a Big Data solution. The Big Data Architect has deep knowledge of the relevant technologies, understands the relationship between those technologies, and how they can be integrated and combined to effectively solve any given big data business problem.

This individual has the ability to design large-scale data processing systems for the enterprise and provide input on the architectural decisions including hardware and software. The Big Data Architect also understands the complexity of data and can design systems and models to handle different data variety including (structured, semi-structured, unstructured), volume, velocity (including stream processing), and veracity. The Big Data Architect is also able to effectively address information governance and security challenges associated with the system.

The typical IBM Data Architect salary is $95,203 in the United States.

IBM Certified Data Architect – Big Data Certification Requirements

This certification requires 1 exam : C2090-102 – IBM Big Data Architect. This test consists of 5 sections containing a total of 55 multiple-choice questions. The percentages after each section title reflect the approximate distribution of the total question set across the sections.

Each test:

  • contains questions requiring single and multiple answers. For multiple-answer questions, you need to choose all required options to get the answer correct. You will be advised how many options make up the correct answer.
  • is designed to provide diagnostic feedback on the Examination Score Report, correlating back to the test objectives, informing the test taker how he or she did on each section of the test. As a result, to maintain the integrity of each test, questions and answers are not distributed.

Certification exam voucher fee: $102.15 

IBM Certified Data Architect – Big Data Exam preparation

This exam has an Assessment Exam option: A2090-102 Assessment: IBM Big Data Architect. Assessment exams are web-based exams that provides you, at a cheaper costs, the ability to check your skills before taking the certification exam. This assessment exam is available in: English

Passing the exam does not award you a certification, and it is only used to help you assess if you are ready or not to take the certification exam.

Free courses and publications are offered to help you prepare for the certification tests. The courses are recommended, but not required, before taking a certification test. When preparing for the certification test, keep in mind that real world experience is required to stand a reasonable chance of passing the certification test.

Find below free online course you can take to prepare for IBM Certified Data Architect exam:

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