02 Senior Field Fluids Supervisors

UPAM 2020

Site Airswift

Airswift hiring 02 Senior Field Fluids Supervisors.

Purpose of the Position

To provide onsite fluids engineering, testing, and supervision to support fluid mixing and pumping, including technical analysis and specific recommendations for controlling fluid properties. The fluids engineering and management services require an integrated engagement with the drilling fluids and solids control vendors to ensure optimal fluid properties as well as complying with the fluids and SBM cuttings discharge liabilities outlined in the project environmental performance standard. The position will be located at the rig site.

Qualification and Experience 

  • BSc / BEng in Engineering or equivalent.
  • Minimum 15 years all round drilling and completion fluids engineering and offshore operations experience.
  • Experienced with Deepwater developments
  • Experienced with Horizontal development wells
  • Previously worked with Open Hole Gravel Pack and Stand-alone Screen completions
  • Dynamically positioned, dual activity drill ships
  • French language a bonus

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