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Enko Education is looking for an exceptional Business Development Project Manager who will oversee the designing and planning of our alternative revenue streams across the Group, focusing primarily on the West and Central African countries. This is an opportunity to help develop an innovative and unique model for our international schools in Africa.

Your Mission

We are currently looking for a Business development project manager to drive the development of alternative revenue streams as defined at the group level with a primary focus on the West & Central Africa Region. Working alongside the Southern Hemisphere Regional PM, country directors, finance officers, marketing officers and the head of the cluster, your primary mission will be to:

  • Create solid and sustainable sources of additional revenues and implement them in our schools
  • Coordinate development of our products in your region
  • Drive margin improvement
  • Discover new and innovative ways to create alternative sources of revenue for the schools
  • Implement governance around these
  • Support centralised sourcing initiatives
  • Drive implementation of our Annual OKRs

Expected outcome

  • Define Additional Revenue strategy for the Group
  • Implementation of the designed strategy across West & Central Africa Schools
  • Development of new products across the West & Central Africa Schools
  • Meet & exceed expected revenue & margin targets across West & Central Africa Schools
  • Drive cost optimisation of our “Sales” products
  • Drive partnership with 5 “clubs”, in collaboration with the Southern Africa Project Manager, across West & Central Africa Schools
  • Management of & Strong coordination with the Southern Hemisphere region Project Manager
  • Coordination of all West & Central Africa schools Additional Revenue Coordinators
  • Close coordination with the Head of West & Central Africa region

Your scope of activity will include:

  • Project management (identify clear outcomes and goals with the steering committee and develop tools to best design and implement)
  • Work with academic coordinators to create best practices for schedule creation, tuition, etc.
  • Work with cluster directors to discover and implement best practices for creating alternative sources of revenue (outsourcing for uniforms, transportation, canteen, books, etc.)

The Ideal Candidate

  • Have a master’s degree in related field
  • Have 2-3 years of working experience in related field
  • Experience in Project Management or Product development
  • Experience in organising repeated events or digital products with solid adoption
  • Show proactivity and strong organisation skills
  • Be autonomous and have great communication skills
  • Have good negotiation skills
  • Renewal of contract based on performance. You could be based/residing anywhere in our countries in West Africa (Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire, Mali, Cameroon or Burkina Faso).

About Enko Education

Enko Education is a fast-growing network of African international schools, increasing access to the world’s best universities for learners across Africa.

Enko Education has developed innovative programmes leading to globally recognised and sought after qualifications. We can offer those at a fraction of the cost charged by other international schools in Africa. Furthermore, Enko learners are supported in their higher education applications through our university guidance programme. It supports them in selecting the right universities and then securing both admission and financing for their studies. We offer an outstanding learning experience to educate our learners with Africa at heart and the world in mind.

The Enko Education model is showing impressive results, with learners joining top universities like Yale University (USA), Sciences Po (Fr), the University of Toronto (Canada), African Leadership University (Rwanda) and many more.

Enko Education’s network includes 14 schools across 9 African countries and aims to reach 60 more schools in at least 20 African countries over the next five years. The Group is funded by international institutions such as Proparco, I&P, OikoCredit, BIO, LiquidAfrica.

Closing date : 2 July 2022.

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