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US Embassy Dakar hiring Financial Specialist.

  • Salaire : 29 560 871 CFA/year
  • Closing date: 26 February 2024

Job description

The Senior Financial Specialist is the senior LE Staff of the section and responsible for managing financial operations of  Department of State accounts, including ICASS, and all serviced agencies in Dakar and Bissau.  The incumbent provides continuity and expert on-site support for the efficient running of financial management operations, and supervises directly or indirectly 13 financial management positions (1 Supervisory Financial Management Analyst-FSN10 who supervises 4 Financial Management Analysts FSN9; and 1 Supervisory Voucher Examiner-FSN9, who supervises 4 Payroll Liaison Voucher Examiners-FSN8,  2 Voucher Examiner Alternate Cashier-FSN8, and 1 Designated Billing Assistant -FSN7)

The Senior Financial Specialist’s duties include the following:

  • Directing the implementation, coordination, and management of the full range of financial services including budget formulation and execution, financial planning and reporting, allotment and funds accounting, cashiering, payroll and voucher examining for the Department of State, ICASS, and all serviced agencies.
  • Supervising 13 locally employed staff made up of two supervisory personnel, four budget analysts and seven voucher examiners. The incumbent also serves as a Cash Verification Officer and provides technical guidance to the Class B cashier.
  • Serving as an Alternate Certifying Officer (requiring designated authority) for a wide range of difficult and complex vouchers for the various agencies serviced by FMC.
  • Representing the Senior Regional Financial Management Officer (RFMO) and/or the Deputy RFMO during his/her absence(s).
  • Providing financial and informational assistance to regional constituent posts as well as other US diplomatic agencies when requested.

The incumbent reports directly to the Deputy RFMO (or the Senior RFMO if the Deputy position is not filled) and performs special projects and other duties as assigned by the Senior or Deputy RFMO.

Job requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance or business administration is required.
  • A minimum of 8 years of experience in Financial Management including 5 with the U.S. Government or an international organization (or combination)is required. Work experience must include a minimum of 5 years’ supervisory experience.
  • English must be fluent, level 4 (reading, speaking and writing) for articulate and effective writing of directives, policies to be forwarded to executive offices in Washington.  French level 4 is required, both written and oral, for interaction with government and private industry interlocutors in Senegal and supported francophone countries. (This may be tested.)

 Job knowledge

  • The work requires a thorough knowledge of 14 FAM and the financial management provisions of 3 FAM, 6 FAM, Standardized regulations (DSSR), Travel regulations, Cashier User Guide, ICASS, and other pertinent manuals of Operations and administration related to post financial operations.
  • A thorough and in-depth knowledge of the Mission Strategic Plan, Agency policies and regulations, Post Operations, Post policies and regulations, DSSR and FAHs
  • A strong and comprehensive understanding of the local economy and surrounding issues that related to and influence local pricing and legislature.
  • An excellent understanding of local legislation and regulations in the retirement fund and banking industry.

Skills and abilities

  • Must be able to relate funds management with mission, programs, and projects of the post. Must be able to understand financial management implications of changes of priorities, tempo, and direction of programs and projects and be able to recommend appropriate adjustments to financial plans.
  • Must be able to relate changes to funding levels brought about by reductions in allotments due to reductions and rescissions, variations in exchange rates, increased costs of material and labor, etc., and advise appropriate management officials of program implications.
  • Must be proficient in using the suite of Microsoft Office Products including Outlook, OneNote, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and be able to draft cable and correspondence to Post Management. Keyboarding typing speed (45wpm).Must possess a high level of interpersonal skills to gain acceptance of recommendations relative to financial management issues.  Must possess high level of skill in articulating (orally and in writing) complex issues and relationships between functions/programs/projects and funding options.
  • Must be able to supervise subordinates effectively to ensure effective performance of work on a timely basis and to ensure that work force is properly trained and motivated.

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