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SIM Senior Specialist Geospatial

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BP Global recruits a SIM Senior Specialist Geospatial.

Job description

The SIM (Subsurface & Wells Information Management) Geospatial Senior Specialist provides technical GIS information and data management support to the Africa region. They work closely with the Region SIM to deliver Geospatial Information Management operations and project delivery within the region and with Global Geospatial Domain Lead providing technical expertise and guidance in GIS data and supporting the delivery of the SIM and Geospatial data domain Strategy.

The SIM Geospatial senior specialist is a technical role for those who have a passion for data and a zeal to unlock and use that data to inform better business decisions

Improvement of Information and Management of data

  • Actively seeking to improve data quality, automate and simplify workflows and processes
  • Making recommendations and influencing decisions at regional and global level
  • Creating innovative solutions to improve process, workflow, best practice and service delivery
  • Challenging conventional thinking, problem solving and innovating
  • Identifying, piloting and applying new technology to improve data and service delivery
  • Actively seeking to apply data science techniques; automation and machine learning, including the use of analytical and visualisation tools to translate data and interpreted results into actionable insights and value.
  • Liaison with the Data Science Global Domain to explore and understand the use of the data science workflow in existing practices and identifying new opportunities to develop and scale solutions aligned to the Domain plan

Better access to trusted Information and data

  • Identifying, championing and performing data improvement initiatives
  • Resolving data management, migration, integration, technical and data quality issues
  • Administering access to project and master data stores
  • Ensuring data is correctly loaded to project and master data stores, accurately catalogued and metadata captured
  • Ensuring key information is captured when data is archived

Process and standards

  • Leading efforts to implement and embed SIM global and domain strategies, workflows, processes and solutions in team
  • Assisting SIM Global Domain Leads in designing and developing standards, best practice, process and strategy
  • Ensuring compliance with safety, legal, regulatory, security and governmental guidelines
  • Accurately documenting data processes, standards & workflows
  • Providing input into data, domain, SIM and project governance

Communication and engagement

  • Leading by example and exhibiting BP values and behaviours
  • Influencing and visibility at senior levels of management
  • Providing support and guidance in one or more specific data domains or areas of expertise (i.e. Exploration, Geophysics, Geology, Geospatial, Reservoir, Production, Data Science, Physical Data, Documents, Information and Knowledge Management etc.)
  • Creating clear, concise, high quality communications and presentations
  • Actively engaging with their team to make complex decisions & solve complex problems
  • Encouraging and respecting the participation and contribution of other team members
  • Responsible for communicating data, applications, systems and infrastructure requirements for their team or region to SIM Global Domain Leads, Region/Function SIMs and IT&S
  • Actively participating and contributing to relevant Community of Practice (CoPs) or Communities of Interest (CoIs)
  • Actively sharing knowledge and best practices regionally and globally
  • Coaching and mentoring others including Peers, Challengers and new joiners
  • Being an active member of relevant professional and industry bodies to develop deeper domain knowledge & broaden expertise
  • Participating in industry events, bringing knowledge and information back to the SIM and Global Data Domain community
  • Engaging and effectively managing stakeholders
  • Encouraging Peers to contribute new ideas and creative solutions
  • Managing and building relationships with external parties, partners, IT&S, contractors and regulatory authorities
  • Communicating and promoting the purpose and benefits of information and data management within Upstream and Subsurface
  • Stepping forward to lead as needed

Key challenges faced on role

  • Managing a wide range of stakeholder relationships
  • Influencing key stakeholders and management
  • Managing a diverse range of data related requests and issues
  • Actively demonstrating the value of data and information management

Key accountabilities

  • Efficient operational support for subsurface, GWO and regional teams
  • Recognised as a Specialist in one or more domains or areas of expertise (i.e. Geophysics, Geology, Geospatial, Reservoir, Production, Exploration, Data Science, Physical Data, Documents, Information and Knowledge Management etc.)
  • Supporting the Region/Function SIM in coordinating and delivering SIM services to a team or region
  • Supporting a team or region with a wide range of data management tasks and activities
  • Creating high quality workflow products for a team or region, such as maps, cross-sections, technical documents, presentations, reports etc.
  • Providing data, information management and technical workflow support to Business Teams using core subsurface and mapping applications
  • Capturing knowledge and expertly managing the business workflow products
  • Preparing digital and physical data for use in subsurface and/or regional workflows and technical systems, as well as managing the receipt and distribution to and from third parties, e.g. partners, contractors and regulatory authorities
  • Reformatting of digital data using scripting and tools
  • Demonstrating in-depth knowledge of subsurface and upstream oil and gas science and technology
  • Analysing, modelling or mapping subsurface and upstream data using technical applications, analytical tools and technologies
  • Coordinating, managing and administering data, information and documents within a variety of technical applications and tools
  • Acting as business point of contact (SPoC) or Domain Tag for tasks, projects, data domain specialisms or area of expertise
  • Assisting a team or region to maximise the use and functionality of technology, applications and tools
  • Delivering and managing elements of projects in a team or region
  • Assisting Region/Function SIM to monitor the service delivery, performance management and compliance within a team or region
  • Actively using analytical tools and technologies e.g. Spotfire, Excel, Matlab, Python, SQL, R, Relational databases etc., and identifying opportunities for their use

Job requirements

Essential Education

  • Degree (or higher) in Geographic Science, GIS, Survey Engineering, or other relevant field and/or a substantial level of experience working with Geospatial data within the Upstream Oil & Gas industry
  • Hold the Certified GIS Professional (GISP) certification or be able to complete the certification within the first year

Essential experience and job requirements

In supporting the Geospatial domain, the following elements of domain knowledge, understanding and experience shall be evident:

  • Adhering to the geomatics standards for accessing external data & the risk of incorporating external data onto maps and BP data repositories. Promoting naming conventions, industry standard acronyms, codes, units of measure & symbols. Recognizing, fixing errors & inconsistences in data and fundamental workflows while managing implications of moving data and maps for avoiding data connection issues in the management of Geospatial Data.
  • The structure of various Geospatial data formats (shape file, geodatabase, raster, tabular, tin, etc.), and how to edit data in SDE Geodatabases.  Know how and when to apply datum transformations, recognize, trouble-shoot and repair coordinate reference issues in existing datasets and how to determine which projection was likely used for an historic dataset
  • Import/export of data between ArcGIS and other Geoscience applications, including using FME and standard BP tools.  Following standard rules for documenting the source, accuracy and timeliness of the imported data. Developing tools for data import/export of geospatial data where needed, being cognizant of the tools that already exist.
  • Reading, & modify the display properties of raster data sets for basic analysis. Performing spatial analysis with raster data, including generating surfaces from point data, calculating isopachs and drawing contours with the awareness of the toolsets available at BP (as related to geospatial analysis) and be able to choose the best tool for a particular application. Advising geoscience professionals on the use of Geospatial data for analysis and use of existing tools to combine data and infill missing data.

Desirable criteria and qualifications

  • Recognised as a Specialist with broad and/or deep data domain expertise in Geospatial Information management
  • Expertise managing, formatting, analysing and quality control of data in Geospatial & GIS technologies
  • In depth knowledge of data & information management concepts, standards, practices, tools and technologies across the data lifecycle
  • Ability to work unsupervised and supervise others
  • Ability or previous experience acting as a Data Tag for a data domain in a region
  • Experience implementing data and information management best practice
  • Ability to use technical knowledge to influence in a team, region or project, providing technical guidance and advice
  • Ability to plan, coordinate, supervise and lead the activity for a team, data domain, service or project
  • Proven ability to network externally to keep current with technology and best practices
  • Ability to assist the Region/Function SIM to manage daily activities of team members
  • Ability to share knowledge and best practices globally
  • Data Science experience (coding, use of data visualisation tools, etc.)

Other Requirements (eg Travel, Location)

There are no additional requirements. Please respond with N/A below.

About BP

We are a global energy business involved in every aspect of the energy system. We have 75,000 employees in 80 countries, working towards delivering light, heat and mobility to millions of people, every day. We are one of the very few companies equipped to solve some of the big complex challenges that matter for the future. We have a real contribution to make to the world’s ambition of a low carbon future. Join us, and be part of what we can accomplish together.

Following BP’s deal with Kosmos Energy in December 2016, the two companies entered into a partnership to develop significant offshore resources off the coast of Mauritania and Senegal, as well as conduct further exploration and appraisal activities. The first phase of this development will be the construction of the world-class floating LNG project – Tortue/Ahmeyim – which represents an exciting and strategically significant investment opportunity for BP.

As lead operator, BP is building a regional team to lead the multi-year development of this emerging world-class basin and play a key role in this exciting future growth opportunity.
Relocation available

Application close date: 28-Feb-2019

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