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Call for Expression of Interest (EOI) 

For an impact partner organization (IPO) or Consortium

To support Mastercard Foundation’s Program in Senegal

April 2021

About Mastercard Foundation

The Mastercard Foundation seeks a world where everyone has the opportunity to learn and prosper. Through its Young Africa Works strategy, Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program, and Canadian EleV program, the Foundation works with private sector, not-for-profit and public sector partners to ensure that millions of young people, especially young women, access quality education, financial services, and dignified work. Mastercard Foundation was established in 2006 through the generosity of Mastercard when it became a public company. The Foundation is independent with its own Board of Directors and CEO. The Foundation has opened offices in Rwanda, Kenya, Ghana, Senegal, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Uganda, building a broader presence in Africa to develop country-focused strategies that support youth employment. Read more about the Foundation.

Measurement and impact in the Foundation

The bold shifts in the Foundation’s strategy and operating model have created new and exciting opportunities for the Foundation and its partners to know more about what matters to young women and men, what difference dignified work means for them as individuals and the ripple effect on their families and communities, and at scale at country level. To respond to this opportunity the Foundation has recently adopted an innovative and pioneering Impact Strategy.

A 28-strong and growing Impact Team with staff in 7 countries in Africa and in Canada is responsible for implementing and managing the Impact Strategy. Country-based Impact Partner Organizations (IPOs) will report to the Lead Impact manager in Senegal and will become part of a network of country and regional IPOs across all countries, under the overall management and leadership of the Impact’s Evidence and Insights unit, in collaboration with country staff.

The opportunity for IPOs

The Mastercard Foundation seeks the services and partnership of an Impact Partner Organization (IPO) or a single consortium of organizations, to play the roles of monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL). As a thought partner and strategic manager, technical MEL provider and capacity builder, the IPO will undertake the following work in Senegal over an initial 2-year period, with the possibility of renewal:

  • Quarterly impact monitoring.
  • Preparation of an Annual Impact Report (summative of quarters).
  • Related baseline work and specialized quantitative and qualitative surveys.
  • Support for the co-creation of youth narratives.
  • Training, engagement and mentoring of Young Impact Associates – the next generation of African evaluators.
  • Contribution to special reviews, internal rapid assessments, and evaluations as needed.
  • Support special convenings such as annual partner meetings to share learning on Impact.
  • Contribution to building a knowledge base on the Journey to Impact for young women and young men.
  • Conducting partner data quality audits using pre-defined data quality parameters and standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Working with young women and young men in Africa represents a unique opportunity to develop, implement, and learn from programming and influencing activities using approaches that value African and Indigenous knowledge and ways of being and knowing. Impact measurement and the associated narratives about Impact will be guided by youth and gender-focused lenses and located within the nexus of nationally owned strategies and global best practices and thought leadership. The methodologies, tools and insights throughout this journey will be determined and co-created in partnership with youth and other Indigenous vectors of knowledge in communities and countries where we work.

Responding to this expression of interest

The Foundation is interested in hearing from firms and organizations in Senegal with interest and existing capacity to conduct the tasks listed above. Specifically, this means national organizations/institutions, NGO/CSOs, private sector consulting firms and joint ventures of same based in Senegal.

IPO candidates must fulfill the following requirements:

Knowledge of context:

  • Be based in Senegal, operated largely by country or African residents. Where a joint venture or partnership is proposed, the leadership of the venture must be national, and the majority shares must be African; with a clear indication of what value addition is derived from the international participation in the joint venture.
  • Have considerable national reach and coverage of the geographic areas and sectors of Mastercard Foundation programs as well as private and not-for-profit partnership investments. Applicants should have the linguistic capacity to work in French and English, and potentially other local languages.
  • Understand the challenges of youth unemployment in Senegal, formal and informal settings in Africa, and in particular, a deeper understanding of the dynamics of dignified and fulfilling work for young people, their families, communities and the ecosystems.
  • Have a proven track record of working with youth and marginalized populations, including methodological insights into how to meaningfully engage young women and young men and other marginalized communities in youth-focused developmental efforts.

Management and coordination of MEL work:

Provision of technical MEL services:

  • Have a track record in supporting programs, portfolios and strategies to measure and generate impact results including the use of quantitative data and qualitative narratives.
  • Have substantial experience in aggregating data and findings (e.g., by gender and population segments) and reporting at a country-wide level.
  • Have experience with technology-enabled MEL.
  • Have technical knowledge (or access to same) in the sectoral areas of work of the Foundation in Senegal, as well as a deep understanding of Resilience concepts and sustainable development in fragile socio-economic ecosystem.
  • Have MEL experience with market system (private sector) as well as not-for-profit actor.
  • Have relevant technical knowledge and experience related to measuring gender impacts.

Capacity Development

  • Proven track record in MEL capacity development and training, especially for young researchers and evaluators.
  • Possess capacities, human and material resources to design and facilitate training and coaching.
  • Communications and Reporting
  • Have a track record in designing and producing impactful and innovative reports including in the use of creative multi-media means of communication (video, photo, voice, etc.) Be an excellent, dynamic communicator and relationship builder.
  • Have passion, creativity, and values. The Foundation wishes to work with people who are technically qualified, as well as passionate, creative, and principled, and who will constructively have ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions that improve ‘business-as-usual’ methodologies.

How to respond to the EOI

If your organization or firm meets the above requirements and is motivated to provide the services of an Impact Partner Organization (IPO) to support the Foundation’s impact work, please send us no more than 3 pages (up to 10 pages for a Consortium with multiple organizations). Please submit your EOI in English, with details using links if available that outline:

  1. A brief description of your organization’s capacity and experience that meet the requirements listed above.
  2. If you are submitting as a consortium, please specify the coordinating/managing organization and other consortium members proposed, their roles, along with a similar description of their capacity, work and staff bios, as outlined below.
  3. Type of organization
  4. Examples of your work in similar areas to the required IPO services.
  5. Sample bios of staff who have led relevant MEL work (3-5 examples, no commitment implied)
  6. Short examples of relevant MEL assignments undertaken by you/your firm or organization and copies of reports or summaries, and/or permission to contact your clients to ask for references about this work (3-5 examples – use links for more details)
  7. Brief insight into your approach to MEL assignments and any preferred methods. We are interested in seeing where your MEL practice and passion lie on a continuum from core traditional approaches to newer tech-enabled MEL approaches. Both modes are valued and will be used differentially, in that regard, please provide information regarding your organization’s core expertise as well as passion and interests.

All materials sent to the Foundation will be kept confidential, and we will not use the materials in any way other than to help us understand your expertise and interest in advance of specific RFPs.

Please submit your responses to the following link:

by May 10, 2021, 10 PM GMT with the subject line: “IPO Expression of Interest.” If you have any questions, please email Anita Dubey ( with the subject line, QUESTION ON EOI, and we will respond promptly.

We intend to meet and interview qualified firms/organizations groups during May with the intention of selecting and engaging an IPO by mid-June. Note that interviews will be conducted in English.

IPOs will be expected to begin work in July 2021 so please consider this in your responses related to capacity. Thank you!

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