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The International Staffing Company is recruiting for one of its clients in telecomunications a Chief Commercial Officer in the telecommunications sector. He will be responsible for managing the marketing, sales, corporate and customer service department, sets the department’s objectives to strengthen stakeholder relationships, leads key marketing projects and allocates responsibilities to ensure business objectives are met.

Main duties & responsibilities:

  • Delivery of Revenue, Customer and EBITDA numbers and plans for achieving them;
  • Evaluate industry, market trends and competition strategies and recommend product positioning and pricing;
  • Responsible for maintaining and developing business relationships with any strategic alliances and relevant stakeholders;
  • Direct and monitor employee engagement in accepting and receiving inquiries and calls, evaluating, investigating, and settling claims and complaints of customers;
  • Monitor all communications mediums to ensure the right brand positioning and oversees brand communications and advertising;
  • Ensure management of administrative support to all activities of sales and customer care, inlcuding following up on customer’s orders, keeping sales statistics, supplying product information, supplying price quotations, and related activities;
  • Administer the design, development and implementation of strategic and tactical sales and marketing procedures to meet Expresso Telecom Group’s long term strategic objectives;
  • Work in association with operating companies to yield on the effectiveness of their respective marketing activities and increase revenue generation within the properties;
  • Create and develop key customer care, marketing and sales activities to ensure brand awareness in existing and potential markets;
  • Manage the Commercial Department budget by allocating financial resources and operating within specified limits and guidelines;
  • Define the customer care, marketing and sales vision and manage the day-to-day execution of tactical activities to meet;
  • Oversee the development of advertising campaign; develop and implement branding strategy and Identify new product and market opportunities;
  • Assume responsibility for the Comemrcial department budget including developing, managing and allocating financial resources and operating within specified limits and guidelines;
  • Approve departmental policies, procedures, systems and frameworks as developed by subordinate departments and sections to ensure efficient and streamlined operations across the Commercial department;
  • Perform other related duties as assigned by the MD.

Knowledge, experience & competencies

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing of communications
  • Mandatory: Bachelor degree
  • Preferred: Master Degree and strong knowledge of the Telecommunication Industry
  • 15 years of managerial experience in the private sector in a range of senior marketing or sales positions

Job-specific competencies required

  • Knowledge of principles and methods for showing, promoting, and selling products or services
  • Problem solving and decision making abilities
  • Strong analytical ability whilst understanding the strategic context and framework
  • Strong communicator that can create an environment that allows colleagues to excel
  • Strong negotiator with proven record of successful achievements
  • Effective implementations plans and communicate transitional issues and results
  • Team management and development skills

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