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Key Responsibilities

Language: This will be a bilingual role- English and French. Application questionnaire should be completed in English but we encourage candidates to attach two resumes in English AND French.

Application Deadline: 15th July 2024


VisionFund Senegal (VFS) Microfinance was opened in July 2016 and started its operations in March 2017. VFS is part of VisionFund International (VFI), which operates 25 microfinance institutions globally, making it one of the largest global microfinance networks. We provide financial services to people who would otherwise have little or no access to credit. We serve the country’s poorest people by helping them start or grow their own businesses through loans of just a few hundred dollars.

VFS Microfinance, SA’s mission is to facilitate rural and vulnerable populations, to have access to a conventional financial system, to access financial services nearby, at competitive costs, to facilitate the start-up or development of Income Generating Activities (IGAs), to improve their living conditions and especially those of their children.

Purpose of the Position

We are looking for a Chief Executive Officer who will strategically lead the MFI, building an organization that honours Christian values positively to impact the lives of many families and children through the delivery of appropriate financial services and training with a focus on the rural areas of Senegal. Primarily, your role will be to create a self-sustaining business with strong foundations (people, process, systems) that is capable of growing while managing risks; andmanage an effective and efficient operation, delivering to challenging financial and social performance targets. You will work closely with WV to develop integrated livelihoods programs and obtain funding from the partnership and donors and deal with regulatory issues to lead the organization through the process of conversion into regulate deposit-taking MFI.

Responsibilities of the Role

Mission, purpose and business acumen

  • Deliver child impact targets
  • Develop, monitor and implement short and long-term business plan
  • Report to the board using standard reporting templates on a regular basis
  • Develop and deliver on key performance indicators for VFS
  • Ensure the culture of the whole organization reflects its mission and vision
  • Develop key performance indicators as per VFI and Board guidelines
  • Ensure that the plans are cascaded to implementation groups and staff

Financial management and fundraising

  • Ensure that annual financial projections, reports and budget are prepared for the board on time
  • Recommend yearly budget for Board approval and prudently manages VFS’s resources within those budget guidelines
  • Ensure that effective and efficient financial management system is installed and maintained
  • Ensure VFS is profitable
  • Develop proposals to acquire and maintain funding, credit lines, and others financial & non-financial resources required to attain VF objectives

Risk management and compliance

  • Ensure that all loans are prudently disbursed
  • Verify that savings products are effectively priced and delivered (subject to MFI board approval)
  • Ensure that effective internal control and risk management system is established and maintained
  • Formulate and implement guidelines, procedures, internal regulations that are consistent with the policies set forth by the Board, VFI and the industry regulators
  • Ensure that the institution complies with the Central Bank requirements

People, leadership and culture

  • Foster effective Christ-centred leadership & culture
  • Ensure recruitment of competent senior and middle management
  • Facilitate effective staff development, succession planning and performance management systems are in place at all levels
  • Approve and confirm staff appointment, promotion, demotion, termination and transfer
  • Represent the People & Culture policies & procedures
  • Create a culture of performance where talent thrives, staff are engaged and motivated

Integration and partnership

  • Oversee that the local office and branch level integration strategies are fully understood, communicated and practiced
  • Actively promote joint livelihoods projects with World Vision
  • Ensure that both VFI and VFS and its mission, programs, products and services are consistently presented in strong, positive image
  • Develop networks and strategic alliances to positively influence the economic policies

Required Knowledge and Qualifications

  • Minimum Master’s degree in Business Administration, Finance, Economics, Accounting, Management or some other related field
  • Must have at least ten years of working experience in senior management in a combination of the following: micro-enterprise lending organization, banking institution, a progressive corporate environment, international business, agricultural economics/development, or economic and business development institution
  • Must have a clear understanding of micro-finance industry and technology
  • Must have working experience in regulatory environment and better with institution that intermediate savings
  • Determined personality with initiative, perseverance and the ability to motivate and manage a team
  • Capability and willingness to lead the organization forward
  • Ready to comply and live up to and in accordance with the organization ideals and core values
  • Be a good trainer, facilitator, mentor, and coach

Travel and Work Environment and Language Requirements

  • Typical office based and frequent travel to fields (40% traveling and 60% office based) where domestic travel is 90% and international is 10%
  • Bilingual- Fluent in French and working knowledge of English

Applicant Types Accepted:

Local Applicants Only

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