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Haskè Ventures is the first venture builder focused on transforming the startup landscape in Francophone Africa. We identify and scale startups in this high-potential region, bridging the gap between “ideas” and growth-stage ventures. In addition to creating ventures from scratch, Haskè Ventures also supports established companies to start new business lines in the West Africa region, in the form of joint ventures.

To manage and scale our ventures, we are looking for highly skilled Chief Executive Officers. Reporting to the board of directors, the CEO will work daily to develop our products in the targeted market and oversee an operational and profitable strategy. This seasoned leader not only understands current trends in a specific industry but has proven experience developing a business plan and implementing it. Above all, he or she will be comfortable in a leadership role that demands clear communication and decisiveness.

Objectives and responsibilities of this role

The CEO of a venture will be expected to manage a Haskè Ventures company. Your role will be to lead various functions:

Brand Developer

  • Lead the design and execution of the venture by defining the operational and commercial functions and strategies.
  • Lead the development of the venture with the team and partners (corporates, academia, etc.)
  • Manage a cross-functional team to build and launch new ventures
  • Develop the core value proposition of the new business (together with our Venture Insights team)
  • Translate discovery concept into a commercial and operational blueprint of a new business (target operating model)
  • Contribute to the building of a comprehensive business perspective
  • Develop an early feedback loop for continuous feedback, learning, and iteration for ventures, balancing value creation with the quality of products and services
  • Create a go-to-market strategy (with our Growth Architecture/Marketing team)
  • Pitch new ventures to investors, technical and commercial partners
  • Mentor and interact with staff members at all levels to foster growth and encourage development among the senior executive team and all staff members

Strategy and Execution

  • Create complete business strategies and plans for the attainment of short-term and long-term objectives set working alongside the board of directors
  • Set and meet fundraising goals, in partnership with the board of directors, to secure financial support from investors, corporations, individuals, financial institutions, and government funding sources
  • Oversee the strategic direction of the organization
  • Monitor company performance
  • Act as a strategic partner by developing and implementing the company’s plans and programs

Financial and Economic Mastery

  • Control the financial activity, including budgeting, monthly cashflow reporting, tax management, and auditing
  • Improve the planning and budgeting process continually by being a key player in the budget execution (planning and monitoring)
  • Implement, improve, and enforce policies and procedures that will increase the financial and operational effectiveness of the company
  • Optimize the handling of banking relationships and work closely with a CFO to foster and grow strategic financial partnerships

Operational Efficiency

  • Actively manage all operations and business activities to ensure they produce the desired results and are consistent with the overall strategy and mission
  • Make strategic plans and execute them to ensure day-to-day operations are efficient and respond to industry norms and standards
  • Analyze problematic situations and occurrences in different departments and provide solutions to ensure company survival and growth
  • Implement changes and proposed plans as aligned with the management team of Haskè ventures


  • Communicate effectively and establish credibility throughout the company and with the Board of Directors as an effective developer of solutions to business challenges
  • Report to shareholders and collaborators to keep them informed of activities
  • Engage in media obligations and public relations
  • Represent the company and increase awareness by being the primary spokesperson and liaison with local partners
  • Build alliances and partnerships with various stakeholders and seek new markets


  • Ensure all legal and regulatory documents are filed and monitor compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • Enforce adherence to legal guidelines and in-house policies to maintain the company’s legality and business ethics

Skills and qualifications

  • Degree in Business Administration, Economics, Management, or Finance or a relevant discipline
  • 10+ years of senior management experience or relevant experience in entrepreneurship or and medium businesses
  • Knowledge of the basis of corporate finance (profit and loss, balance sheet and cash flow management, and general finance and budgeting) and performance management principles
  • Entrepreneurial mindset, with an innovative approach to business planning and corporate strategy
  • Ability to build consensus and relationships among executives, partners, and teams; inspire confidence and create trust
  • Understanding of human resources and talent management – a team builder and a people-centric leader
  • Experience with corporate governance and leadership management, with steadfast resolve and personal integrity
  • Excellent verbal, written, and visual communication skills
  • Strong public relations, marketing, and fundraising experience
  • Knowledge of leadership and management principles related to private enterprise

How to apply

Please submit your CV and cover letter to before December 31, 2022. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted about the following steps of the recruitment procedure.

What haskè ventures offers

Francophone Africa is ripe with high-potential business opportunities. We aim to create and support entrepreneurs in this region by bridging the gap between ideas and growth-stage ventures.

If you join us, you’ll have the opportunity to transform the start-up landscape in Francophone Africa and many people’s lives. You’ll be joining a team of an intelligent and diverse group of talented people that are deeply motivated by the purpose of making a difference.

Haskè Ventures is determined to be a workplace that offers an unparalleled space for learning entrepreneurial skills. Whether it is solving complex challenges, being inspired by collaboration on a venture, or mentoring from the community of talents, we want to be the best place for your personal growth.

Haskè Ventures supports start-ups with seed capital and venture building, including strategy, talent, and operational support. Read more on our website at

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