Cost Controller Analyst

  • CDD
  • Dakar, Sénégal
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Overall Job Purpose

Responsible to support MODEC’s decisions giving meaningful scenarios with deep insights from the analysis by bringing different perspectives on challenges and opportunities with proactivity and relevant financial analysis with reliable information

Core Responsibilities

  • Timely review and approve purchase requests and purchase orders and to correctly allocate its WBS code.
  • Timely approve service entry sheets and capture cost in correct cost allocation.
  • Control, consolidate and report purchase orders costs.
  • Timely approve costs such as travel request and expense report.
  • Timely review timesheet information (hours and costs).
  • Create new WBS codes on SAP on demand.
  • Provide the necessary information and analysis to elaborate Annual Work Plan and Budget to be submitted to Client.
  • Elaborate and consolidate all cost information linked to the annual budget.
  • Control and report accurate revenue and cost actual information.
  • Ensure and report accurate revenue and cost forecast.
  • Elaborate the cost report on a monthly basis.
  • Provide reports and relevant analysis with reliable information on demand.
  • Give meaningful scenarios with deep insights from the financial analysis.
  • Provide reports and relevant analysis with reliable information on demand.

Financial and Operational Dimensions / Impact and Decision-making Authority

Complies with Authorization Matrix Procedure, available in the Integrated Management System (IMS).

Work Relationships

As per indication on the Organizational Chart, available in the Integrated Management System (IMS).

Job Challenges and Problem Solving

  • Provide accurate and timely information to facilitate the smooth work progress in the relevant areas.
  • Need to have relationship with different stakeholders in order to know the synergy between Control Department and business
  • Provide valuable observations and perspectives that aid in the decision-making process
  • Cultural difference between local group and expats group

Qualifications & Experience

Educational Qualification

Bachelor’s degree in engineering, Accounting or Business Management




Complies with the Training Matrix and Regulatory and Required by Modec Training Management Procedure, available in the Integrated Management System (IMS).

Relevant Experience

  • Accounting and financial knowledge are a strong asset;
  • Previous experience in the offshore industry (FPSO Operator, Drilling Companies or other companies in the Oil and Gas sector) is a competitive edge.

Key Behaviors:

  • Agile mindset: be flexible to adapt to the constant and sudden changes of the MODEC’s dynamic environments without losing focus on the results and without risking the business
  • High-performance culture: to pursue the excellence by encouraging the development of a committed and analytical team


Advanced English speaking is mandatory.


Excel skills and data visualization tool skills are a competitive edge.

Working Conditions

Complies with safety and occupational health conditions for the job position. Refer to PPRA (Environment Risk Prevention Program) and PCMSO (Program for Medical Control and Occupational Health), according to the Occupational Health Management Procedure, available in the Integrated Management System (IMS).


This is a general description of essential job functions, and it may be expanded or altered as business needs evolve to maintain the operation at a high level of efficiency and to promote a safe, productive, and well-functioning workplace. This document is not intended as an employment contract, nor is it intended to describe all duties someone in this position may perform. All personnel are expected to perform tasks as assigned by supervisory personnel, regardless of job title or routine job duties. Significant future changes will be discussed with the position holder accordingly.

This position is for Senegalese citizens only.

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