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Citi is hiring a Country Counsel.

The Senegal Country Counsel will be responsible for the following:

  • Manage, provide, support and co-ordinate the in house legal service and support to Citi’s various businesses and functional areas for Senegal
  • Manage, appoint, co-ordinate, evaluate and support the external legal service providers to Citigroup’s various businesses and functional areas for Senegal
  • Support the Compliance function to Citigroup’s various businesses and functional areas for Senegal
  • Manage and co-ordinate the legal reporting of Citigroup’s various businesses and functional areas for
  • Form part of the management team of Citibank Senegal and report directly to the West Africa Regional Counsel
  • Manage the provision of legal advice and input to the WCA Legal Head, as well as the department heads, businesses and functional areas of Citi Senegal on a broad spectrum of legal matters that impact on Citi
  • Manage, establish and implement policy relating to local matters impacting on Citi Senegal
  • Manage, identify and evaluate legal and regulatory risk impacting on Citi Senegal and also manage the addressing and limitation of all such legal and regulatory risk
  • Research and monitor in-country as well as international legal and regulatory developments that may impact of affect the business of Citi Senegal
  • Manage and attend to negotiations and discussions between internal parties as well as between the bank and external parties and institutions, and offer advice on legal and strategic considerations to Citi Senegal and / or its representatives
  • Manage and identify the impact of local legal and statutory requirements on Citi Senegal
  • Keep management informed of laws and regulations that may impact on the business of the bank
  • Manage litigation on behalf of the bank
  • Serve on committees and represent Citi Senegal on other related forum and protect the interests of Citi Senegal
  • Contribute to the accomplishment of the objectives of Citi Senegal
  • Contribute to the decision-making process that may commit Citi Senegal in the short and long term
  • Manage and provide a service that is intended to identify legal and regulatory risk to protect Citi Senegal against exposure
  • Serve a company secretary of Citi Senegal board of directors


5 years experience in legal and banking environment


  • Knowledge and experience of corporate governance and compliance issues
  • Management skills, administration skills, research skills and negotiation skills
  • The ability to work under demanding and constant pressure with tight deadlines on a senior level
  • The ability to accept extremely high levels of responsibility and accountability
  • High level of loyalty, honesty, integrity, and the ability to work equally well alone and as part of a team
  • Self starter, well organized with ability to work across disciplines and systems with the ability to multi-task
  • Fluent in both English and French


  • Sound and proven knowledge and experience of the law in general, with specific reference to banking law & legislation, OHADA law, Civil and labor law, drafting, vetting and negotiations of contracts, statutory bodies and other committees in respect of e.g. financial institutions and financial regulation


Background in banking regulations & Corporate governance requirement

Closing date : 11 December 2021.

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