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SF Capital is hiring a Driver.

Job grade / position


High School Diploma or Equivalent. Clean driving record at the time of hire and all times during employment. Ability to interact with the employer. Good and professional interpersonal skills. Knowledge of the City of Dakar Prior experience working with expatriates. Bi-lingual English
Key Responsibilities and Job setting

Operate office vehicle to escort staff to the assigned destination. Transport, pick up, and deliver documents and materials to indicated or scheduled designations. Conduct daily inspections for vehicle operation, safety, and maintenance. Be prompt to resolve any potential operational, safety, or maintenance problems with the vehicle. Maintain good working relationships with staff in all departments. Perform other duties assigned by the Director.

Job setting

  • Must possess sight, hearing that will enable the essential functions of the job to be completed.
  • Must lift a maximum of 60 lbs.
  • Operates motor vehicle.

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Closing date : 22 January 2022;

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