Internship – IT and Data Assistant – Malaria

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Internship – IT and Data Assistant – Malaria.

PATH is a global nonprofit dedicated to achieving health equity. With more than 40 years of experience forging multisector partnerships and with expertise in science, economics, technology, advocacy, and dozens of other specialties, PATH develops and scales up innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing heath challenges.

« This position will be based in Thies Region, SENEGAL »

PATH has unrivalled expertise and experience in developing new tools and strategies for malaria elimination, and has the potential to become a recognized leader in accelerating efforts towards malaria elimination and global eradication. PATH’s Center for Malaria Control and Elimination (CMCE) works with PATH staff and strategic partners to coordinate expertise and programming and maximize our collective impact toward malaria elimination.

PATH is seeking a IT & Data Assistant Intern to support the MACEPA team in the development and deployment of IT solutions for malaria surveillance data management. MACEPA aims to provide implementation support services and technical assistance to countries in order to accelerate malaria elimination targets by 2030.

The IT & Data Assistant Intern will report to the Data Officer and support the MACEPA team responsible for the development and deployment of IT solutions for the management of surveillance data for malaria control and elimination. He/she will play a key role in supporting health staff in the use of the DHIS2 Tracker platform for malaria investigation data feedback, quality monitoring and data correction. The incumbent will also design and develop creative solutions to integrate datasets and monitoring program data to monitor the quality of interventions in the pre-elimination zone, participate in capacity building of health workers in the pre-elimination zone to facilitate the use of DHIS2 Tracker data for monitoring elimination activities including case investigation.

Proposed activities for the internship:

  • Participate in DHIS2 server installation, configuration, and maintenance;
  • Participate in the periodic Buck-up of the DHIS2 Tracker PostgreSQL database;
  • Participate in the migration of the DHIS2 application to new versions;
  • Participate in the process of creating scripts (Python/R) to automate manual processing tasks;
  • Participate in reflections on the development and deployment of JavaScript/jQuery plugins for real-time integration of DHIS2 monitoring indicator reports into Ministry and Health program Web portals, notably responsive;
  • Participate in the quality monitoring and correction of malaria intervention data reported in the DHIS2 Tracker and the Ministry of Health’s DHIS2;
  • Participate in building the capacity of health staff to report investigation data and follow-up with the DHIS2 Tracker;
  • Participate in the development of DHIS2 training tools (Tutorial, Moodle, etc.);
  • Facilitate work sessions on experience sharing;
  • Participate in the GitHub animation of DHIS2 source code evolutions and associated software;

Description of skills and required profile

  • Master’s degree in computer science with development or business intelligence option, or equivalent diploma;
  • Professional experience that has enabled the development of computer programming knowledge and skills;
  • Professional experience in user assistance and technical support required;
  • Experience in Python programming / R script development;
  • Experience of working on applications with client-server architecture;
  • Experience of working with MySQL/PostgreSQL database technologies;
  • User support skills;
  • Client-side web development skills (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript/jQuery);
  • Linux (Ubuntu) operating system skills;
  • Ability to analyze and solve complex problems;
  • Oral, written and presentation skills in French and English;
  • Experience in query creation and data analysis (API, SQL, Python, R; JavaScript, jQuery or other programming languages);
  • Ability to listen, humility and adaptability;
  • Ability to work with diverse, cross-functional teams.

Please include a cover letter with your detailed resume as well as transcripts and proof of university or engineering school experience.

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