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IQRA Bilingual Academy is looking to employ  English speaking teachers with an outstanding track record of teaching English lessons to students from Elementary School through to High School.  Teachers should be Native Speakers or able or have near native fluency.  Teachers will be responsible for the teaching of reading, writing and speaking skills.

To ensure success as  English teachers, the candidates must be qualified in English as a first language. The English teachers must possess a pleasant disposition that will enhance the learning process. Ultimately,  outstanding English teachers should engage students in meaningful and fun activities, creating an environment conducive to learning.

Please, send your resume to papemakhoundiaye4@gmail.com

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  1. Baye Coura Mané :

    Je suis professeur d’anglais et je suis disponible pour le poste. J’ai 6 ans d’expérience. Merci d’avance

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