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Regional Food Security, HEA and CH Advisor/9249.

Durée : 12 mois renouvelable
Date de prise de poste : 01-Jul-2024

Objectif général du poste

Action against Hunger is an international non-governmental, private, apolitical, non-religious and non-profit organization created in 1979. Its goal is to combat hunger and dangerous situations that threaten men, women and children. Currently 500 expats and more than 5,000 employees are working for Action against Hunger in more than forty-six countries working in projects concerning four areas of focus: nutrition, health, food security and water and sanitation.

Under the general guidance of the Regional Representative, the Regional Food Security, HEA and CH advisor is responsible for :

  • 1) Representation, Coordination and Networking: in the field of Food Security & Livelihoods, HEA and CH, humanitarian coordination and sustainable agriculture. Participation to regional meetings & fora, donor representation, regional organizations’ representation, networking with UN/ NGOs/ academics & universities/ regional bodies, advocacy (in the field of Resilience, Food Security & Livelihoods, sustainable agriculture / agroecology in collaboration with other ROWCA team members).
  • 2) Management of (i.e. Support to and Follow-up of) regional projects: methodological guidance (tools, guidelines, advises), M&E tools & systems harmonization (in collaboration with the Regional MEAL advisor), follow-up of projects’ progress, support to scaling-up, backstopping, lesson-learning and the dissemination of good practices across countries. Team and budget management of the Food Security & Resilient Livelihood department.
  • 3) Strategic development: identification of funding opportunities, development of partnerships, support to / lead on the design of regional proposals, donor negotiations & representation in its field (FSL,)


Objectif 1: Contribute to an improved quality and impact of regional projects: As the project focal point for multi-country/ Regional Food Security & Livelihoods, HEA and CH-focused grants

  • Report to HQ and ROWCA on monthly basis about activity progress using country/Regional report data, and alert on deviation/delays;
  • Ensure backstopping, undertake field visits for supervision & support; produce recommendations for any readjustment of projects if needed, (always in collaboration with HQ technical advisers and mission coordination teams);
  • Ensure compliance with donor procedures and commitments, timely and high-quality donor reporting; all of these tasks are performed in collaboration and coordination with the HQs and country missions;
  • Provide methodological guidance (tools, guidelines, advises) based on ACF FSL technical standards: M&E tools & systems harmonization (validation of tools, timing, formats, etc), follow-up of projects’ progress;
  • Support to scaling-up, backstopping, lesson-learning, and dissemination of good practices across countries for Food Security & Livelihoods, HEA and CH-focused grants in collaboration with HQs and the regional MEAL Departement;
  • Contribute to ensuring the integration of Food Security & Livelihoods with other sectors and collaborate with other Regional advisors for similar advises concerning Food Security & Livelihoods, HEA and CH activities that may be included in other grants;
  • Ensure appropriate exchange and flow of information & communication between the headquarters and missions, ensuring appropriate information & learning mechanisms between the HQ, the ROWCA and country missions;
  • Interact with the HQs to learn, disseminate and harmonize ACF regional positioning and programming with ACF global policies, standards and technical positioning, briefing or guidance documents.

Objectif 2: Increase our operational capacity in the region for FSL

  • Monitor the Food Security & Livelihoods situation in West Africa: follow-up and analysis of key indicators & trends influencing Food Security & Livelihoods vulnerability in the region;
  • Supporting and training missions in West and Central Africa in anticipating and preparing for disasters/crises and preparedness and response specially in CH and HEA analysis;
  • Learn lessons from ACF programmes and other actors’ programmes on what works best and what still needs to be done in the fields of Food Security & Livelihoods; propose possible developments to HQs and country missions;
  • Develop ACF Regional Food Security & Livelihoods portfolio: project proposal writing, donor contacts and potential partners, development of regional activity in Food Security & Livelihoods–activities include, coordinate proposal writing with country missions and HQs, revise and edit document including executive summaries, conclusions and success stories if any, work with technical advisers at HQs level to validate technical content for proposal section whenever it is deemed necessary;
  • Capitalize on best practices & lessons learned, producing memo, analysis and briefing/discussion papers;
  • Assist Regional Representative (RR) in targeting new donors and identifying funding opportunities for FSL projects.

Objectif 3: Contribute to enhanced ACF technical positioning and advocacy capacity

  • Technical Interlocution with donors, partners & regional stakeholders on: regional technical standards; best solutions for enhancing HEA, CH, Food Security & Livelihoods’ programming for the improvement of the nutritional status of vulnerable populations; alignment of country offices’ programmes (missions) based on good practices & best solutions identified; The post holder is expected to liaise and engage in debates with UN agencies (WFP, FAO, etc), donors (ECHO, USAID, DFID, UE, AFD …), governments (inter-governmental regional organisations such as CILSS) at a senior level ;
  • Support to the Regional Representative for technical advice and networking within the regional fora: Food Security & Nutrition Working Group, R-IASC, CILSS, PREGEC, RPCA…
  • Participate in the strategic thinking at the global, regional and national levels and contribute to the design of the ISP and Regional Strategy or action plan;
  • Capitalization transmitting information to the headquarters and mission;
  • Interact with the HQs to learn, disseminate and harmonize ACF regional positioning and programming with ACF global policies, standards and technical positioning, briefing or guidance documents.


  • Training: Advanced university degree in economics and/or rural development and/or agronomy. A first level university degree with a relevant combination of academic qualifications and experience may be accepted in lieu of the advanced university degree.
  • Technical specific knowledge: Extensive Knowledge in the field of Food Security & Livelihoods, preferably in recovery & development programmes; Vulnerability Analysis & Mapping, Cash programming, HEA and CH certifications is highly recommended.
  • Previous experience (years): Relevant professional work experience at national and international level in Food Security & Livelihoods programme planning, management, monitoring, and evaluation. A minimum of 5 years’ experience in this field is required
  • Humanitarian sector knowledge: Mandatory. Knowledge of West and Central Africa is an asset
  • Organization knowledge: Knowledge of Action against Hunger is an asset
  • Languages: French & English
  • IT systems: Advanced Office, and IT systems is an asset.
  • Mobility (national/ international) International travel will be required.

Profile conclusions

  • Solid representation and negotiation skills for donors’/partners’ negotiations and representation in high-level technical fora in the region
  • Strong synthetic, analytical and writing skills for proposal development and capitalization purposes
  • Relevant professional work experience at national and international level in Food Security & Livelihoods programme, planning, management, monitoring, and evaluation
  • Level 2 training in cadre harmonise and HEA trainer, expert certification.


We offer immediate incorporation to a dynamic international network with the following remuneration package:

  • Formal work contract: 12 months
  • Base: Dakar/SENEGAL
  • Compensation packaged: Position/V2 level based on experience and context.

In addition:

  • House or similar accommodation covered by the organization
  • Travel costs to and from the mission.
  • Expat Health, repatriation, travel and life insurance covered by the organization
  • Break: additional rest period, including travel cost to a reference area and economic help of 215€.
  • 25 working days of paid leave per year.

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