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ACA recruits a Responsible Admin and Finances.


  • University degree in accounting, financial management or related business discipline, preferably at the master’s level,
  • Demonstrated ability to formulate and manage budgets, including maintenance of accounts, report generation, and account reconciliation;
  • Demonstrated ability to respond to the needs of micro businesses in training and assisting with bookkeeping and financial reporting;
  • Knowledge of institutional capacity of small-scale enterprises and farmers groups, Demonstrated competency in utilizing accounting software programs (Sari Sage); Demonstrated computer proficiency with experience in the use of Microsoft Excel, or equivalent software;
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work collaboratively imparting best practices and the importance of transparency and accountability in financial management; Willingness to travel frequently to rural and other areas of the country; and Ability to converse in the predominant local language.

Major responsibilities

Assist the partners funded projects in order to:

  • assess compliance with the grant agreement, local laws and regulations observe the internal controls policies and procedures and determine the adequacy of the financial management controls to safeguard assets and
  • provide timely accurate information for management’s decision making
  • assess the implementation of previous training and required follow-up action from previous activities
  • track and document the status of audit corrective action
  • facilitate prompt interventions to resolve financial deficiencies and formalize a corrective action plan to include additional training with a resolution timeframe
  • Assures that site visits are done within the prescribed time frame in order to conduct a proper financial closeout.

Please send your application to :

Closing date : 30 June 2021.

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