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Job Description:

The Business Development specialists are expected to be self-sufficient and self-driving individuals who are able to seek and maintain media partnership, extend further media cooperation and develop solid relationships with media houses around the country.

Job type: Full Time

Key Responsibilities:

  • Able to seek media partnerships and understands how media works. Able to extend a wild range of domestic media cooperation under request, reach media partnerships and maintain current media relationships.
  • Able to introduce PGC writers and influencers.
  • Familiar with internet circumstances, able to connect with internet influencers when necessary; Good market promoter with excellent copywriting skills.
  • Familiar with social networks and have a good understanding of the rules and how they work. Able to promote regularly on social media networks.
  • A news-enthusiastic with a good understanding of news products and news app on market.
  • A frequent App user and fast learner with a good understanding of various news products on market; able to make practical product analysis.
  • Establish a local vision for future of Africa News development and ensures it is cascaded through performance management and development processes.

Job Specifications & Qualifications:

  • Those with a good connection and contacts with local media or influencers are considered with priority. Those with a rich media resources are considered with priority.
  • Bachelor’s degree with at least two years’ work experience in BD/marketing/media industry with a good knowledge of news products.
  • Good negotiation skills with good business manners.
  • Have a good knowledge or familiar with African internet influencer market. Have the ability to obtain certain influencer resources.
  • With remarkable news sense plus content sensitivity. Able to work under pressure and perform well under tight KPI requirements, able to work efficiently in a high volume environment.
  • Good computer skills; excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Diligent and aggressive, a quick learner with an excellent working attitude and teamwork sprit. Able to work under pressure.

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