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The United Nations is hiring a Senior Consultant – webplatform and multimedia specialist.

Result of Service

IDEP websites continuously updated and access statistics produced on monthly basis. E-learning multimedia material produced per digital training.

Expected duration
The assignment will be for twelve (12) months from 27th September 2021

Duties and Responsibilities

The African Institute for Economic Development and Planning (IDEP), as a Capacity Development and Training Centre of Excellence main mandate is to train Government officials, legislators and other stakeholders in economic management, policy formulation, research analysis and development planning from the fifty-four (54) African countries. In this regard IDEP has started promoting a context that will encourage and support learning and high performance through the nurturing of technological advancement to respond to the increasing number of requests for training from different countries and other stakeholders.

To this end IDEP provides in-situ or on-line general, specialized, and tailor-made courses for their officials. In addition to its core training and capacity development mandate, the Institute also carries out associated policy research activities on various economic management and development planning themes. Furthermore, it undertakes policy advisory services at the request of Member States, these services being tailored to the needs of requesting governments.

Specifically, for on-line courses different digital platforms and tools are developed to support a culture of continuous learning and high performance towards a unique state-of-art Africa Teaching and Learning Center of Excellence. These platforms including digital learning, knowledge resource centers and alumni portals encompass a variety of branding strategies for a holistic view of IDEP’s visual identity and brand values. For instance, a branding that ensures that eLearning courses do not get lost in the crowd and that websites are user friendly and increase the Institution visibility as a professional training Center of Excellence.
Therefore, in order to respond to the Center’s growing mandate and stakeholder engagement, partnerships building and delivery of key messages, IDEP is looking for multimedia and web-designer with references in e-learning portal development for the revamping, update of existing e-learning portal, conceptualization and design of IDEP E-learning platform multimedia material.

The consultancy assignment is located in the African Institute for Economic Development and Planning (IDEP) of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) based in Dakar, Senegal. Under the general guidance of the Director of IDEP and the direct supervision of the head of the knowledge management and e-learning Division, the consultant is expected to achieve the following tasks:

Duties and Responsibilities

The consultant is expected to accomplish the following tasks

  • Collaborate with all IDEP Divisions, including research and training, administration, knowledge management and e-learning Divisions on existing websites update and branding. These include the main website, alumni website, the knowledge resource and library and digital training portal
  • Ensure the design user-friendly and visually appealing professional bilingual (English and French) websites and apps using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and other relevant web design coding languages.
    design and develop digital animations, imaging, presentations, games, audio and video clips, and Internet applications using multimedia software, tools and utilities, interactive graphics and programming languages
    Integrating data, applications, images, videos, and plugins.
  • Monitor website traffic through the deployment of appropriate tool and provide regular web engagement statistic
  • Troubleshooting, testing, and demonstrating website prototypes.
  • Incorporating end-user feedback into the website design.
  • Keeping up to date with developments, technologies, and trends in website design.
  • Provide infographic and multimedia services including sound, video management, audio and video commented powerpoint presentations of the on-line platform
  • Ensure that websites are all bilingual in French and in English.
  • Compile learning material and upload it on the UN regional knowledge management hub
  • Contribute to the design and develop engaging, interactive online training modules including scenarios, simulations, video, assessments, and gamification on products, job aids, facilitator guides, assessment and resource materials, that demonstrates proficiency in SCORM, Tin Can and HTML5 for self-paced, Instructor led (facilitated) or blended e-learning courses.

Background formation

Advanced university degree (Master’s degree or equivalent) in information communication Technology and web-development, or related discipline is required. A first-level university degree with combination of 2 years of qualifying experience may be accepted in lieu of the advanced university degree.

Qualifications/special skills

  • Academic Qualifications: Advanced university degree (Master’s degree or equivalent) in information communication Technology and web-development, or related discipline is required. A first-level university degree with combination of 2 years of qualifying experience may be accepted in lieu of the advanced university degree.
  • Experience: A minimum of 5 years of progressively responsible experience at a national and/or or international level in information communication technology, and/or web-development is required. Experience of having contribute to digital training material will be an advantage.
  • Language: English and French are the working languages of the United Nations Secretariat. For this consultancy fluency in one of the working languages of the UN Secretariat, English or French is required.
  • Knowledge of the other is an advantage.

Closing date : 16  September 2021.

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