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DHL hiring Service Point Advisor.

Key responsibilities

  • Respond to customer inquiries and process shipments in a courteous and efficient manner in accordance with DHL Express company guidelines and objectives. Manage shipments according to CS and OPS station procedures, standards and recommendations in order to create and maintain the professional image of DHL and contribute to the achievement of the general objectives of the commercial department and the entity. Greet customers and process shipments in accordance with DHL standards and procedures.
  • All cash collected, payment of invoices must be kept safe in a locked box. The cash will be handed over to the cash manager or, in his absence, to the hierarchical superior. The agent must therefore collect payments, invoices for customs duties before delivery and transmit the regulations. All information or questions regarding service, billing or sales should be escalated to the appropriate persons.
  • Welcome customers for the processing of packages and ensure an accurate transfer of the shipment from the site to the final destination. Welcome customers for shipment collection and delivery of shipments deposited on the site for them. Ensure that the shipment is released to the final consignee according to the shipping instructions in accordance with DHL procedures.
  • Qualify the clientele, ensure that the service sold meets the client’s need for a good service quality price ratio, and collect information on the client’s real potential to pass on to the sales department, which will allow us to expand and retain our customer portfolio.
  • Manage phone calls from the station (Frontline) according to departmental procedures to ensure the rapid and accurate availability of information to internal and external customers of the station.
  • Regularly carry out commercial hooks according to the internal standards of the department and transmit them to the commercial department in order to participate in increasing revenue.
  • Respect the recommendations regarding the wearing of the company uniform and reflect at all times the image that the company wishes to give to its customers.
  • Stay informed, then inform the other members of the team of any relevant information concerning the activities and the DHL network in order to offer the best possible transparency of service to internal and external customers.

Minimum Requirements

  • Excellent telephone skills
  • Excellent conflict resolution skills
  • Communication skills – spoken and written (excellent)
  • Negotiation and interpersonal relations
  • Good customer relationship experience
  • Excellent understanding of customer service and operations Mental alertness
  • Assertiveness
  • Geographic knowledge
  • Previous point of service experience (desirable).

Education & experience: Bachelor in Marketing, Management

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