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Staff Officer Trainer/Mentor


SAIC is hiring a Staff Officer Trainer (AFRICAP).


SAIC is seeking a Command and Staff Trainer to work in various African countries with the State Department’s AFRICAP Program.  As an international partner, AFRICAP seeks to complement and support allied peacekeeping training efforts and welcomes their participation in training.   The Staff officer Trainer/Mentor serves as the Project Manager’s Staff Trainer Subject Matter Expert (SME) in all areas of staff operations, planning, and execution. Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

  • Serve as the Project Manager’s principal Peacekeeping Operations (PKO) staff instructor for African military units receiving U.S. Department of State’s AFRICAP Program training
  • Instruct and supervise PKO unit staff operations training in African for African company, battalion and brigade sized units deploying to PKOs
  • Focus on operations center organization and operations, staff functions, Intelligence preparation of the Area of Operations (IPAO), and the Military Decision Making Process (MDMP)
  • Training shall support the preparation of partner country battalions and brigades for deployments to and sustained operations in multinational peacekeeping operations in Africa by training African commanders and staffs in PSO command and staff operations skills and procedures
  • Ensure all training scenarios are based on the most current mission area information from Areas of Operation that African PKO battalions and brigades will deploy to
  • Training will involve classroom instruction, PSO Command Post Exercises (CPX), and computer assisted CPXs
  • All classes shall be taught in the language of the Host Nation Military.

 This position is contingent on contract award  

 This position is for various locations across Africa 


Education & Experience:

  • Minimum of 6 – 14 years of U.S. military operations and training experience required.
  • Must be able to speak French as most countries require instruction in French.  This is not waiverable.  Proof of fluency is required.
  • Must be a subject matter expert in at least one Combat Arms, Combat Support or Combat Service Support U.S. Military Occupational Specialty, Branch, or Functional Area (verified by DD214)
  • Possessed the rank of O-3 thru O6 in the US military with staff experience at battalion or brigade level is required.
  • Must be familiar with the Military Decision Making Process (MDMP)
  • Must be familiar with standard US military doctrine, training concepts, practices, and procedures.
  • Familiar with US military infantry tasks and battle drills.
  • Must be able to live in an austere environment.

Desired Qualifications

  • Any combination of training, experience, and/or education equivalent to completion of college course work leading to an advanced degree, preferred.
  • Recent U.S. Military combat and/or PKO experience at the O-5/O-6 level who has completed US Military education Command and General Staff College or equivalent.
  • Infantry, Armor, Cavalry, Engineer MOS/Branches preferred.

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