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Foreign Service National Investigator

Site US Embassy in Senegal

The U.S Embassy in Senegal hiring a Foreign Service National Investigator.

Job description

Serves as an Investigator for the Regional Security Office (RSO) and reports to the Senior Foreign Service National Investigator (SFSNI). Be able to assume all responsibilities of SFSNI when SFSNI is unavailable including liaison with flag-level officers in host nation security agencies.  Position will carry an extensive investigative caseload for an Embassy serving over 22 separate agencies including a large USAID presence and FSNI will be responsible for conducting background and criminal investigations of FSN personnel of all agencies and as needed Americans at the direction of the RSO.

Well versed in all aspects of threats and intelligence information gathering and primary liaison between the RSO and host government police and gendarme officials. As Dakar RSO covers and supports Guinea-Bissau, Cabo Verde, and the Gambia, FSNI will need to effectively liaise with senior law enforcement officials at the flag-officer level across multiple countries to monitor, report, and provide advice on law, policing, and political/security developments to advise senior Diplomatic Security officials and Mission officials.  Position is supervised by Senior FSNI.

Skills and abilities

  • Must possess excellent interpersonal skills, with tact and patience, and able to work both autonomously and within a team setting.
  • Basic proficiency with MS Word and Excel is required. Ability to train and supervise the work of others.
  • Must be confident in oral presentations.

Ability to

  • maintain extensive contacts with officials of various agencies.
  • develop and maintain a range of contacts across key host nation agencies.
  • exercise initiative and resourcefulness in obtaining information or evidence.
  • report investigative facts concisely/accurately and handle an inordinate amount of investigative requirements and caseloads.
  • draft reports in precise French and English. Ability to gather information relevant to threat assessments and to determine level threat.
  • plan and organize advance preparations for U.S. Government officials traveling abroad.

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