Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Explorer Free Certification

Interested in learning Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)? Take this learning path to get an overview of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and earn the Explorer Badge!

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Explorer description

This learning path is applicable for anyone who is new to OCI and, also to job roles such as:

  • Cloud Service Administrators
  • Architects
  • Operators
  • Developers

This learning path covers:

  • Oracle Cloud Free Tier – How it works: Understand how the Oracle Free Tier program works and the ways in which you can make the best use of free Oracle Cloud account.
  • OCI Architecture: Learn about the core features and concepts of OCI architecture.
  • Core infrastructure resources: Find out about the core infrastructure services.
  • Using load balancers: Learn about the OCI Load Balancer service, which plays a key role for configuring the network infrastructure.
  • Monitoring & notification services: Find out about the benefits and capabilities of using OCI Monitoring and Notification services.
  • Security capabilities: Learn about OCI security features and capabilities.
  • OCI Explorer Assessment

OCI Explorer details

  • Institution: Oracle
  • Level: Intermediate, Advanced
  • Language: English
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Certificate: Oracle Explorer Badge
  • Provider: Oracle University

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