SQL Performance Tuning – Oracle

Interested in learning SQL Performance Tuning?  This free online course with certificate from Oracle is the best place to start. Learn how to make SQL faster.

SQL Performance Tuning course description

In this free online SQL Performance Tuning course from Oracle, you’ll learn how to get and understand an execution plan to find the slowest parts of your statement. It then shows you how to get better plans by improving the table’s statistics and make SQL faster by creating indexes or materialized views.

The course continues with a discussion of how the join algorithms work and specifics for making inserts, updates, and deletes faster. The class finishes with an overview of how to find the slowest SQL statements in your application and a course review.

What will I learn on this course?

You’ll learn the basics of SQL performance tuning:

  • How to get and read an execution plan
  • How to create indexes and materialized views to make SQL faster
  • How to find the slowest SQL statements in your code

This class covers these topics:

  • How to read an execution plan
  • What are database statistics?
  • How much work is my query doing?
  • How to create indexes
  • Why isn’t my query using an index?
  • How to summarize data fast with materialized views
  • How do joins work?
  • How to make inserts, updates, and deletes faster
  • How to find slow SQL
  • Performance course review

Certificate of Excellence & Certificate of Completion

Once you complete all modules of a class, you can print your class certificate. If your average grade in the class is 90% or higher, you receive a Certificate of Excellence. Otherwise you will get a Certificate of Completion. Either way, congratulations on a job well done!

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